Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I hav been playing tis game since the holiday started.
It's a close beta test(CBT) and the CBT is alrdy over.
Currently waiting for the open beta.
I found something tat doesnt sound right.
CBT is OK but when u put a space between CB & T it will sound so wrong.
Look at the image provided.

We are the CB testers!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Battle Begins!

On the left: Joey the nerd
On the right: Jackson the nerd
Who is going to win the nerd competition?
Their result is in your hand.
What are you waiting for? Make your vote now!
By putting your name & your vote in the comment.
eg: Z-sun - vote: Jackson the nerd

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bu Hao Xiao

One day in a mandarin class.

Lecture: Ellow everybodi. I am ur new lecture 2day for mandarin class. My name is Ng Jun Zhong(dun respect). Eventhough Im new here, but I hope everyone wil Jun Zhong(respect) me. B4 I start the class, I would like u guys to introduce urself. How bout u… yes u, the student wit white shirt n a weird bow tie. Wats ur name?

Student: Ng Kong Tat(couldn't tell)

Lecture: Y is tat? y can't u tell me?

Student: Told u alrdy ma... Ng Kong Tat(couldn't tell). Im Ng Kong Tat.

Lecture: Sigh… I jus reminded u guys tat u should Jun Zhong(respect) me rite? Nvm then, sit down pls.

(the lecture feel offended and skipped his plan on asking the student to intro themselves)

Lecture: ok class… to start of wit our class 2day. I would like to ask… how do u say male n female in chinese?

(A student with basic chinese stood up)

Student: Nan & Nu

Lecture: Welldone. Then can anyone tell me, how do u say a male dog & a female dog in chinese?

(A student who can speak Cantonese quite well stood up)

Student: Gao Lam Gao Lui

Lecture: WHAT!!? Ok ok sit down pls. *sigh* can anyone tell me how do u say cow parents?

(A student who can speak hokkien pretty well stood up)

Student: Kao Peh Kao Bu

Lecture: WHAT!!? WHAT!!? WHAT WAS TAT???

(the lecture started to lost his patience on this students)

Lecture: U know wat I always call those people tat I hate so much bcoz they hav a shitty cock face? Go and look at the mirror urself!

(The lecture smack on the table and left the room angrily)

Students: *discussion among each other* did he mean we Lan C Lan Yong him?

Monday, April 27, 2009


Tis is the design tat I send for the contest.
Quite alot participations... I wonder if I stand a chance to win.
Eventhough there is no more chance for any changes to my design but comments for improvement r stil welcome.
I could do better nxt time. =D

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Adams Design Contest

There is tis contest that attracted me and I believe it could attract anyone else out there. I have been posting up the website via facebook shout out. I wonder if anyone notice it or participating? Anyway, jus trying out luck, who knows if I could win a myvi with my own design on it rite?
Well this is the link (http://www.myc.com.my/ccc/) and the due date would be 26 of April. Whether or not ur participating, u could jus visit the web and hav a look on other ppl's designs. Will update my blog again later with my designs on myvi.

- Goodluck GD-ers for the up coming exam.
- Wish me luck for the exam and the contest =P
- feel free 2 drop any comment if anyone of u visited my blog =D

Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy birthday Joey.

Yesterday is a History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Only Today is a Gift, That's why I Call it Present.
nah... dun say I no heart or no gib u present.
tis time I die die aso come out with a present tat i made myself. (money aso cant buy wokey? like tis oni can show sincerity ma hoh?)
somemore post here to wish u & help u promote(ur signature pose)
how is tat? gam dong or not? kekeke...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Digital Imaging

A series of Digital Imaging.
Showing their personality.

-fire as bad temper-

-Ice as cool-

-smoke as mystery-

-special thanks to Chong Wee Kian, Wenny Foo and Lee Yeen Chun for being my model-